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                    Twin Towers Remembered
                    Source: Amazon
                    Author: Camilo Jose Vergara
                    "Since 1970, when the World Trade Center towers were still under construction, Camilo Josť Vergara photographed them from every possible angle. In this poignant photographic memoir their unmistakable outline rises above neighboring spires and bridges ... reminding us of how strong a presence they were, no matter where one stood." (2001)
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                    New York September 11
                    Source: Amazon
                    Author: David Halberstam (Photographer)
                    The horror of September 11 is now history -- in fact, one of the key moments in world history. (November 2001)
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                    The World Series: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Fall Classic
                    Source: Amazon
                    Author: Josh Leventhal
                    A century of World Series in photos, stories, and statistics, from the Boston Pilgrims vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903 to the Subway Series of 2000. (October 2001)
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