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Fine Art E-Cards

Follow these five quick steps to send a fine art virtual postcard. To see selections from other artists, click here. After Step #5 you'll be shown a preview and can decide whether to send it or cancel it. This is entirely free and private and there are no banner ads or pop-ups anywhere.

Step #1: Verify the "front" of your postcard
Click on the image if you'd like to see the full-sized card. If you would like to select a different card, click here.

Step #2: Choose your stamp

Step #3: Enter your delivery information
This information will only be used to send the card. No information will be saved or sold to spammers. That would be sleazy.

Your name:
Your email address:
Recipient's email address:

Step #4: Write your personal message

Step #5: Preview your card
Click the button below to proceed. Your card won't be sent until you click the send button on the preview page.