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                      New York Tours of TV & Movie Sites
                      Source: Screen Tours
                      City: New York, State: NY E-mail:
                      On Location Tours is New York City's only TV & Movie Tour Company. Go behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and movies filmed in NYC: Sex & the City, Friends, Gossip Girl, Seinfeld, Ghostbusters, and more. Follow the history of filming in New York, the most filmed city in the world.
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                      Merchant Marine, Fishing

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                      Star of India: About the Oldest Active Sailing Ship that Still Sails
                      Source: Maritime Museum of San Diego
                      City: San Diego, State: CA E-mail:
                      Star of India is the world's oldest active sailing ship. She began her life on the stocks at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863. Iron ships were experiments of sorts then, with most vessels still being built of wood. Within five months of laying her keel, the ship was launched into her element. She bore the name Euterpe, after the Greek muse of music and poetry.
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                      Scottish American Travel Alliance
                      Source: Tommy Brookes
                      City: Stirling, Country: United Kingdom E-mail:
                      An Alliance between Clearwater, Florida and Stirling, Scotland in a partnership to forge cultural and commercial links with Scotland and America.
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