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    Siam Excursions
    Source: Siam Excursions Ltd. Part.
    City: Phuket, Country: Thailand E-mail:
    Online advice and reservations for Phuket hotels and scuba diving.
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    White & Blue Dive Club
    Source: White & Blue Dive Club
    City: Phuket, Country: Thailand E-mail:
    Similan Islands liveaboards, daily dive trips and PADI courses from dive centres in Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta.
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    When the Rainbow Goddess Wept
    Source: University of Michigan Press
    Author: Cecilia Manguerra Brainard
    City: PHILIPPINES, Country: Philippines E-mail:
    An acclaimed novel set in the Philippines during World War II. "Simple yet deeply moving prose... The strengthening of the national spirit; the loss of innocence in two generations -- these themes are explored with persuasive conviction and stark realism." (1999)
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    Coins, Currency, Medals

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    Indo-Scythian silver coins
    Source: Sovietski Collection
    Archaeologists in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan uncovered these ancient silver coins of the Indo-Scythians (the Asiatic horde noted for its battles with the ancient Greeks). Dating back to 35 B.C., they're the first known example of bilingual coinage (Greek and Scythian dialects). Obverse depicts Scythian King, Azes II surrounded by an ancient legend, in Greek. Reverse features Zeus surrounded by Karosthi legend. Each comes in a protective styrene capsule and displayed in a velvet gift box, complete with certificate of authenticity.
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