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                      Jill Daniels WWII Music
                      Source: Jill Daniels
                      Country: United Kingdom E-mail:
                      Jill Daniels is a UK-based singer of WWII songs, anthems, dancing and big band music, patriotic and wartime favourites of the 1940s, and earier including music hall. (Jill is available for bookings for reunions events, theatre productions, etc.)
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                      South UK History
                      Source: South UK History
                      Country: United Kingdom E-mail:
                      South UK History promotes the visiting of historical properties in Southern England including those managed by English Heritage, National Trust and the HHA. Also included on site, Althorp, Blenheim Palace, Leeds and Hever castles, HMS Victory and the Jane Austen Museum
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                      Scuba Diving

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                      FiftyBar Diving - PADI scuba classes Kent, UK
                      Source: FiftyBar Diving
                      Country: United Kingdom
                      From OpenWater to DiveMaster in our friendly scuba diving classes. FiftyBar Diving organises PADI scuba diving courses, scuba diving trips, Red Sea scuba diving vacations and scuba holidays all around the world. Join our scuba diving classes in Whitstable, Kent, UK now.
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