Irish Coffee Table Books

Irish Coffee Table Books


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                    Journey of Hope: The Story of Irish Immigration to America
                    Source: Amazon
                    Author: Kerby Miller and Patricia Muholland Miller
                    "One of the greatest success stories ever told unfolds in the pages of this compelling, three-dimensional book. Through intimate letters, journals, and diaries of actual immigrants, Journey of Hope chronicles the Irish in America and their triumphant rise from adversity and prejudice to prosperity and prominence."
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                    Urban History

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                    Around Dublin
                    Source: The Frith Book Company
                    Author: Livingston
                    Country: United Kingdom
                    A selection of archive photos from the famous Francis Frith Collection. Includes a voucher for a free mounted print of any photo in the book. (01/99)
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                    Castles of Britain and Ireland
                    Source: Amazon
                    Author: Plantagenet Somerset Fry and David Lyons (Photographer)
                    Country: Ireland
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                    Chronicles of the Celts
                    Source: Irishop
                    Author: Iain Zaczek
                    Country: Ireland
                    The epic stories of hero-warriors, faerie enchantresses, and magical forests, illustrated with 120 photographs of artefacts, manuscripts and landscapes.
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