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                      Celtic Art by Damien M. Duffy
                      Source: Damien Duffy
                      City: St. Louis, State: MO E-mail:
                      Celtic-influenced art showcase and online store. Includes prints from the Irish Blessing Collection.
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                      The Jivenaires - An Irish Showbands Memory Book
                      Source: The Jivenaires
                      City: Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Country: Ireland E-mail:
                      A nostalgic look at the Irish showband era hosted by Boyle, County Roscommon showband, the Jivenaires.
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                      Source: O'Kelly Heritage Project
                      City: Dublin, Country: Ireland
                      Lots to explore here. Entertaining. "Inspired by the Book of O'Kellys written in 1394AD, O'Kelly.Net is a mixture of family history, genealogy myth and legends ... many dating back to the earliest days of Irish history and chronicling the influence the family had in shaping Irish history."
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