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    Personal Stories

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    The Michel Thomas Story
    Author: Michel Thomas
    The personal stories of Michel Thomas' childhood facing anti-semitism in Poland, Germany, and France in the years before World War II.
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    Web Sites

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    Cybrary of the Holocaust
    Source: Project ABE
    A wealth of perspectives, images, personal accounts, and more about the Holocaust.
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    Jewish Weddings in Israel
    Source: Naomi Tavor - Imagine Events
    Country: Israel
    An event planning and managing company in Israel. They organize weddings anywhere in Israel.
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    Non-Fiction Books

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    Hitler's Shadow War: The Holocaust and World War II
    Source: Cooper Square Press
    Author: Donald M. McKale
    "Examines the entire history of Hitler's racial war, including the murderous role of the 'Wehrmacht' in the extermination of Jews; Jewish resistance; and the role of German citizens as both enablers and witnesses." (August 2002)
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    The Brigade: An Epic Story of Vengeance, Salvation, and World War II
    Source: Amazon
    Author: Howard Blum
    Country: United Kingdom
    A look into the clandestine operations of the Jewish Brigade Group, a unit of some 5,000 Jews who fought with the British Eighth Army in Italy in the waning months of the war. Once they learned the true extent of the holocaust, soldiers of the brigade began using intelligence reports to pinpoint the location of former SS officers and camp guards and take vengeance. (2001)
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