Many Ethnicities Books

Many Ethnicities Books


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                    Albany Scrapbook
                    Source: Kenneth Salzmann
                    City: Albany, State: NY
                    A site containing excerpts from "Albany Scrapbook: A Montage of Life and Lore in Albany, New York"
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                    History of Lewiston Maine
                    Source: Just Write Books
                    City: Lewiston, State: ME E-mail:
                    "Frontier to Industrial City Lewiston Town Politics" by Douglas I. Hodgkin is a time capsule that opens to reveal the birth struggles of an inland river city in south central Maine. Uncle Thomas Hodgkin, who kept a journal during the early 1800s, is our tour guide. ISBN: 978-1-934949-10-8 Price: $29.95, 345 pages, including appendix, endnotes, bibliography, index; 2008
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                    Urban History

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                    Historic Photos of Chicago Crime
                    Source: Turner Publishing
                    Author: John Russick
                    City: Chicago, State: IL E-mail:
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                    Stillman Aviation Books
                    Source: Stillman Books
                    Country: Canada
                    For hundreds of interesting aviation titles, including pioneer aviation, WWI, WWII and general aviation, visit longtime aviation specialist, Terry Stillman.
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