Many Ethnicities Documentaries

Many Ethnicities Documentaries


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                      IMAX -- The Living Sea
                      From an Amazon reviewer: "I've been watching DVD at home for three years and after watching this one immediately concluded that this was the best audio/visual experience I've had so far from any movie of any genre. In terms of content, sometimes I wish there was a little more science incorporated into this production, but a vital element in science is observation and this movie certainly allows the viewer to do just that. Overall the sound is big and rich, and the music tracks are a perfect match to this incredibly beautiful visual experience." (1995)
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                      World War II: The Lost Color Archives on DVD
                      Source: The History Channel
                      The History Channel's remarkable collection of rare color footage filmed during WWII. An reviewer wrote, "This is the most astonishing, complete and concise documentary I have EVER had the pleasure of viewing. Worth twice the price. I am a WWII collector and I can say without a doubt that this set is a MUST for any WWII collector!" I'll leave it at that. (2001)
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