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                      Uptown Chicago: cradle of Entertainment
                      Source: David Stratis
                      City: Chicago, State: IL
                      This web site features an animated entertainment history of the Uptown Chicago area, from two of the world's first movie studios, to the largest movie palace in America, Chicago gangster legends, to the "World's Most Famous Ballroom" and more!
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                      Urban History

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                      Heritages and Horizons
                      Source: Boston Theological Institute
                      Author: Rodney L. Petersen, Donna LaRue
                      City: Boston, State: MA E-mail:
                      A virtual tour of American history as it has evolved in the Greater Boston Area through the lens of the nine historic schools of theology, seminaries and university divinity schools, known as the Boston Theological Institute, as well as through related institutions.
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                      Army, Infantry Battles

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                      An Army At Dawn: Companion Web site
                      Source: Henry Holt and Company
                      Author: Rick Atkinson
                      Companion website to the wonderful book "An Army at Dawn" by Rick Atkinson. Interactive maps detailing Operation TORCH, the WWII Allied invasion of North Africa.
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