Many Ethnicities Personal Stories

Many Ethnicities Personal Stories


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                  Harry's 1924 Letters
                  Source: Sam Calder
                  Contains the letters, postcards and photographs sent by Harry Gordon Gracie, aged 24, to his parents and family from a 5 month world trip in 1924/5. Although the family was not wealthy and Harry was a bank teller, circumstances took him on this "trip of a lifetime."
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                  Shellman Talks Baseball
                  Source: Dale Shellman
                  Dale Shellman shares personal interviews with some of baseball's greatest heroes, including Ted Williams, Pete Rose, and Mike Schmidt.
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                  Army, Infantry Battles

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                  The Real War Story
                  Source: John Kline
                  Personal experiences from the Battle of the Bulge.
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                  Paratroopers, Special Forces

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                  Para Research Team: Lest we forget our Liberators
                  Source: D.C. vandenBogert
                  Country: Netherlands E-mail:
                  "After working on various WWII websites over the years I have finally launched my own personal website: Rations, Helmets, Personal Items, Lyrics, Patches, Medical Items, Mail Items, Databases, Who is Who, Stories and many, many pictures. We, the Dutch, will never forget our liberators!"
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