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    Generosity Zone
    Source: Edyta Szczesniak
    Author: Edyta Szczesniak
    City: Katowice, Country: Poland E-mail:
    An essay on the question of wartime generosity in French novelist Jean Giono's writing. (In French)
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    Web Sites

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    Polish Culture Site
    Source: Jaga
    City: Idaho Falls, State: ID E-mail:
    Over 300 articles devoted to Polish culture (especially Christmas and Easter), traditions, genealogy, immigration, travel, food etc.
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    Strona wolnosciowa (Polish Libertarian website)
    Source: Jacek Wladyslaw Bartyzel
    Country: Poland E-mail:
    English and Polish language site on libertarianism (classical liberalism, objectivism, capitalism, economic freedom).
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    Non-Fiction Books

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    The Long Walk
    Source: Amazon
    Author: Slavomir Rawicz
    Country: Poland
    "Cavalry officer Slavomir Rawicz was captured by the Red Army in 1939 during the German-Soviet partition of Poland and was sent to the Siberian Gulag ... a year later, he and six comrades from various countries escaped from a labor camp in Yakutsk and made their way, on foot, thousands of miles south." (1997)
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