War Personal Stories

War Personal Stories


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        World War II

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        Buck's War
        Source: Brener Family
        State: WI
        The story and a nice collection of photos documenting the wartime experiences of one Wisconsin boy who fought in Europe with the 8th Infantry Division.
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        In memoriam to my father, a prisoner of war
        Source: Simon Shelton-Palmer
        Country: United Kingdom
        A very touching, significant tribute. "This site is dedicated to the memory of my father .... not memories of our time together but a time which he did not speak a single word of to me. When he died he left a small briefcase containing items he had saved from his pre-war life and his time in the camps ... most of it has been reproduced for this web site."
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        Awakening the Past: The stories of my grandfathers' lives during and after WWII
        Source: Kyle Parker
        State: IN
        Originally created as a senior thesis at Ball State University. A very comprehensive collection of stories, photos and documents related to two individuals from Indiana.
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        WWII Tributes
        A site dedicated to the Webmaster's relatives who fought in the war. Features stories, pictures, maps, timelines, and an archive of battles in all theaters of the war.
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